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To use 
OBDCOM,  you need:
1.   Any vehicle that is model year 1996 through 2019. 
Cars, Pickups, SUV's, Crossovers, and Minivans are all compatible.  OBDCOM can be used on UNLIMITED cars, as many as you want, and as often as you want.  ANY brand, ANY manufacturer, ANY model, foreign and domestic, except certain or older models of diesel trucks. Please see "Questions" #7 for details on commercial/diesel trucks. Vehicles that are 100% electric like Tesla and Leaf, do not have an engine, so it does not work on those electric vehicles.  The Chevy Volt has an engine, so it works on the Volt. Please see the "Questions" page for more details on the very few vehicles that are not compatible.
2.   It is a good idea to get a service manual for any vehicle you may want to work on yourself.  There's also plenty of free information available online, but you really should not attempt repair work without a proper service manual for the vehicle so you know the disassembly procedures and have access to troubleshooting flowcharts provided by the vehicle manufacturer.  If you contact us with your vehicle information, we can also help you to understand the readings you get using our tool, and help find more information about diagnosing and repairing your car as well.

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